About Us

Our Purpose

Our common aim is for members to work collaboratively to raise student achievement across our 26 schools in the North/East of Hamilton.

Crucial to this process are the drivers of change which will focus our collaboration, including the necessity to make the links between teacher inquiry, and interwoven with the support of school leaders including in-school and across school leaders.

‘Creating a culture of collective responsibility is at the heart of how an effective CoL / Kaahui Ako operates. Leaders and teachers in newly created roles in each CoL / Kaahui Ako play a critical part in leading the development of a compelling collective vision and priority goals and targets that represent the perspectives and aspirations of all community participants, particularly students, parents and whaanau. There is a growing body of evidence about how collaborative networks are developing in jurisdictions other that New Zealand.’ (Working toward Collaborative Practice, ERO 2017)