Our Vision

As a diverse group of schools, we work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for all learners.

Overarching Focus.

Student Wellbeing

Since the initial meetings to form our Kaahui Ako, the Principals have been steadfast in their belief that successful student learning and achievement has to be built on the physical and emotional wellbeing of all learners. Crucial to this wellbeing is the quality participation of parent/whaanau/iwi. Our students need ongoing support for them to successfully transition and learn as they move from ECE through to the Year 13. We will all work to ensure that student wellbeing will be at the forefront of our actions and programmes to underpin success for all.

Drivers For Change

“International evidence suggests that educational reform’s progress depends on teachers’ individual and collective capacity and its link with school-wide capacity for promoting pupil’s learning. Building capacity is therefore vital. Capacity is a blend of motivation, skill, positive learning, organisational conditions and culture, and infrastructure support. Put together it gives individuals, groups, whole school communities and school systems the power to get involved in and sustain learning over time.” Stoll, Bolam, McMahon, Wallace and Thomas (2016).

Hattie's’ Visible Learning (2009) has a focus on teacher effect size, and an emphasis on the sharing of teacher expertise as a strategy to improve student achievement through networking. We see this approach as important and acknowledge that collaborative groupings have potential to broaden learning opportunities for teachers and to create conditions to grow leaders.

The purpose of Kaahui Ako is to work collaboratively to raise student achievement. Crucial to this process are the drivers of change which will focus our collaboration. A key aspect of the drivers of change, is the importance of the collaborative link between teacher inquiry, and the work of in-school teachers and teachers across schools which is planned to raise student achievement. The drivers for change are woven into other drivers. Our drivers of change are as follows:

  1. Cultural Capability

  1. Growing Student Agency

  1. Building Teacher Capacity and Capability